Recommended Weapons Purchasing In Pixel Gun 3D With Both Currencies

pixel gun 3d best coins method

When I was playing the Pixel Gun 3D game I found that selection of weapons play a major role in playing the game successfully. As different weapons have different specification, loading time and damage causing ability, I had to be selective and decisive while choosing my weapons. I would like to share my experience regarding this particular aspect so that all can enjoy the benefits like me while playing the game and making the maximum number of kills. I found that few weapons which most have limited lethality and damaging ability are free and I had to spend a lot of currency, both coins and gem, to buy certain weapons which I wanted and liked.

I felt that it is easy to select my chosen and stronger weapons when I have leveled up far enough and few weapons out of them are fit for all play styles. As I had to buy these stronger and more effective weapons with my currency, I also felt it necessary to manage my currency well so that I never felt shortage of it at any point while playing the game and could not buy my required weapon. I made sure that I had enough resources for purchasing by using the pixel gun 3d coin hack which helped me to generate unlimited number of currency at any time. This tool also helped me in playing the game with some valuable tips and tricks.

Now for the types of weapons I would recommend for playing Pixel Gun 3D game. As I am a long range shooter Marksman was suitable for me which I bought with coins. It had all the good features including good mobility, accuracy, lethality, firing rate. This weapon can also be upgraded with additional currency payments. For the close rangers I would recommend Icicle Mini-gun or a Photon Shotgun. I also found some other weapons which had severe lethality and cased great damage like the Predator, laser cannon and the Secret Force Rifle. I also unlocked weapons like Dead Star and Dual Hawks which are also very good in terms of mobility and lethality.

The Katana in the Melee category was also very useful to me for great running and strafing. I also used the Storm Hammer at times to cause great damage and alsoa Chainsaw Sword for it great attacking speed. The dark Force Saber was very mobile I found. I used my special currency to buy Laser bouncer Up1 and a Shuriken Thrower which helped me to kill enemies in the hallways. For breaking the walls while advancing I used the Sniper Prototype which I upgraded with some additional expense. Electro Blast Rifle or an Anti-Hero Rifle is also effective for fast firing in Pixel Gun 3D.

For effective closer range shots I used the Demo-man, Mines launcher, a Toy Bomber and a Ka-Boom. These are effective to block the bullets fired by the opponents, except for wall break weapons, due to their contact detonation attribute built in them. With the toy bomber I could make effective close range shots with its Ricochet, Looping Shot and Area Damage attributes. With all these recommended weapons anyone can be the best shooter of Pixel Gun 3D game.

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